Our story

SHADIE BY EA was born out of my frustration with being unable to find nude intimates and hosiery that matched my skin tone, in Australia. 

It was during my time at university that I encountered the problem that resulted in me starting SHADIE. I was to travel to Europe and I really needed a pair of nude coloured stockings. When I went online to order some, I found that nude stockings in my skin tone were few and far between, if not non-existent in Australia.

I began counting all the things that I couldn't easily find in my nude. Underwear, dancewear, the list goes on. To access these items in my skin tone, I would need to purchase them from overseas stores in Europe or the US. The conversion rate and the shipping fee were enough to make me stop and think about how ridiculous it was that I couldn't find these items in Australia. That, coupled with my ever growing interest in ethical fashion, was how SHADIE BY EA was born. 

We're a small, black woman owned brand that aims to provide ethically made luxury intimates and essentials, designed to match all skin tones and sizes. 

Our community is made up of the growing number of Australian women who crave quality and are tired of being unable to find what is to them, a core piece in their daily wardrobe.

We're here to change the game.

Welcome to the journey. 



image of founder of SHADIE BY EA, Esther Adeyinka wearing a black long sleeves top, with her arms crossed.