A Re-Definition of Nude: SHADIE BY EA Introduces Nude Underwear for All Skin Tones to Australia

Nude underwear.
What was the first image that came to your mind when you read that? Was it underwear resembling your skin tone or was it the “nude” you see splattered across advertisements, on retailer shelves and shop racks?

Chances are, it was the latter. And it’s not your fault. To be honest, that’s the first thing to appear in my mind when I hear “nude underwear”.

It’s an image which has been conditioned in many of our psyche through exposure. For as long as I can remember, nude has been referred to as that single beige coloured skin tone.

I still recall sitting in the classroom at school and asking the kid next to me for the “nude” or “skin colour” crayon, without even thinking twice. What colour was I talking about? The beige.

Without realising it, in a simple request, I had disregarded the existence of my own skin colour as being “nude”. The skin I’d worn every day of my life up until that point and still continue to. 

A systemic issue

From nude crayons as children to nude lingerie, shoes and lipstick as adults – we’ve been taught to see nude as one colour. Call it systemic racism or systemic exclusion, either way, it’s a systemic issue.

Because of a social system that has historically esteemed the white person above all others, this view is so deeply ingrained in many areas of our society it’s almost impossible to escape it. Brands (apparel, skincare, beauty) have adopted a one-size-fits-all approach to nude, giving us no other alternative.

Where such brands may aim to make each customer feel beautiful in some way, their exclusion of many has the opposite effect. By promoting a single shade of nude, they exhibit partiality and further contribute to the exclusion and marginalisation that exists against many ethnic groups. 

Shaking up the system

It’s a system that’s not so easily shaken. Yet many have begun the shift and we applaud them!

In other parts of the world, we’re seeing lingerie brands cater to diverse skin tones by creating a wider range of nudes. Think brands like Nubian Skin, Skims and Savage X Fenty.

These brands are pioneers in the re-definition of nude, making nude lingerie accessible for all. Beyond accessibility, they bring inclusivity and diversity. For you and I who’ve been overlooked for so long, it feels good to finally be seen.

One thing we’re yet to see, is an Australian-owned business among the throng of lingerie brands making a change.

Changing the narrative of nude

That’s where we come in.

By “we”, I mean SHADIE BY EA.

We’re here to join the party that has started overseas and bring it to the local shores of Australia. To bring you nude underwear for all skin tones. You read that right, all skin tones.

It’s time to redefine the colour nude in Australia and that starts with us. Nude isn’t just one shade, it’s a spectrum of shades. We stand for inclusivity by providing you with a greater variety of shades to meet your underwear needs.

SHADIE BY EA is not just a brand, it’s a catalyst for change.

The good news is our launch is just around the corner. Sign up to the email list to be one of the first to know!

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