• Sustainable and ethical fashion: What does it really mean?

    Why should we care about sustainable and ethical fashion? This blog explores the meaning of the words "sustainable" and "ethical" in the context of fashion production and how we as consumers can make the shift from fast fashion to slow fashion.
  • Embracing natural beauty: the external limits to “love the skin you’re in”

    To embrace, means to accept something willingly and enthusiastically. Many beauty brands invite us as women to love the skin we're in. But how can we accept our skin colour if we can’t find any products in our shade? How can we accept our body shape if we can’t find clothing that fits?

  • Diversity in Australia: Have we failed or are we on the right track?

    There’s no cookie cutter approach to diversity. It’s clear that everyone has an opinion on what diversity means and what it should look like. But are we doing it right in Australia?
  • A Re-Definition of Nude: SHADIE BY EA Introduces Nude Underwear for All Skin Tones to Australia

    We’re here to join the party that has started overseas and bring it to the local shores of Australia. To bring you nude underwear for all skin tones. You read that right, all skin tones.

    It’s time to redefine the colour nude in Australia and that starts with us. Nude isn’t just one shade, it’s a spectrum of shades. We stand for inclusivity by providing you with a greater variety of shades to meet your underwear needs.

  • Women’s History Month: How to celebrate the women you love

    Every year in March is a chance to acknowledge how women have contributed to and shaped history, culture, and society. Women have had to fight, and are still fighting, for a seat at the table. Here's how to celebrate the women you love and admire this month!