SHADIE BY EA was born out of my frustration with being unable to find nude intimates and hosiery that matched my skin tone, in Australia. 

It was during my time at university that I encountered the problem that resulted in me starting SHADIE. In 2018, I was to travel to Europe and I really needed a pair of nude coloured stockings. When I went online to order some, I found that nude stockings in my skin tone were few and far between, if not non-existent in Australia.

I began counting all the things that I couldn't easily find in my nude. Underwear, dancewear, the list goes on. To access these items in my skin tone, I would need to purchase them from overseas stores in Europe or the US. The conversion rate and the shipping fee were enough to make me stop and think about how ridiculous it was that i couldn't find these items in Australia. That's how SHADIE BY EA was born. 

We're a small, black woman-owned brand that aims to provide ethically made luxury intimates and essentials, designed to match all skin tones and sizes, all while caring about the planet.

Our community is made up of the growing number of Australian women who are sick and tired of being unable to find what is to them, an essential part of their daily wardrobe.

We're here to change the game.

Welcome to journey,



thoughts from our sample testers


"I love SHADIE BY EA’s vision! Not only do they address the unmet needs of women of colour in the Australian market, they are also so ethical and conscious of what they produce and how they do it. I grew up adjusting my outlook of nude clothing to what was available in stores, but SHADIE BY EA has already redefined my brown girl nude experience by showing me colours that I didn’t know existed."


"When I go out to buy something nude, I want to be confident that it will look exactly that way on me - NUDE. SHADIE BY EA recognises that the spectrum of colour the human skin can produce goes beyond the same 5 shades of peach. The brand is a bold dare for other brands in the industry that claim to care about EVERYONE feeling satisfied with the quality of the products and care in which they are investing in, to put their money where their mouths are."


"SHADIE BY EA's products and what they do is so important because they are making women of all skin colour and ethnicities embrace who we are by offering us everyday products in a colour that matches our skin tone! SHADIE BY EA is creating and moving towards making all women feel included and not left out when it comes to nude intimates. Now that's something that every woman needs"


"What I love about SHADIE BY EA especially is it’s inclusivity. Such a brand is needed because women need to have the freedom to express themselves in what they wear. It’s important to create tone intimates as well because I know that it creates a boost of confidence we all need."


"What drew me to SHADIE BY EA was the diversity in ranges with these products. It caters to everyone. There’s not many businesses in Australia that do this and it’s great to support a local female run business."


"SHADIE BY EA is needed so all women know that we are seen!!"


"SHADIE BY EA is a diverse and sustainable brand which ultimately makes them so unique. Their diverse nude colours and sizes caters for all skin tones and bodies, making SHADIE BY EA an amazing choice for any nude intimates! I love that SHADIE BY EA is a female owned business as well! We are in for a wonderful treat."

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